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Please contact our law firm by email or phone if you want to discuss eligibility for any immigration category. This offer is especially useful for persons who have a job offer through a willing employer or a family member ready to sponsor, or are the applicant in a case where sponsorship is not applicable, but are not currently represented by an attorney. Ditto for individuals not fully satisfied with the performance or attentiveness of their current attorney. There is no obligation—we want to hear from you with your questions and comments.

Alternatively, you can call or email our law firm to arrange an appointment for a telephonic or in-person legal consultation at our office in midtown Manhattan. The legal consultation fee for an appointment with Mr. Arora is $250 for a thirty minute telephonic or in-person meeting (or $125 for an abbreviated fifteen minute mini-consultation by telephone), but this consultation will go beyond mere eligibility for the filing of a application or petition, and involve matters such as legal strategy, the pros and cons of various alternatives, immigration benefits and obligations, a second opinion, etc. Please note that our legal consultation fees do not cover time for document review if applicable, for which there is an additional fee--please inquire about a legal fee quote.

To contact us by telephone, please call (212)268-3580.

To contact us by email, please send your correspondence through our online contact form located on this page as well as the top right corner of our home page, or to Please provide the following information in order for us to serve you expeditiously: your name and contact information (phone and email); your current immigration status and when your status expires (generally when your current I-94 expires); and your immigration question(s) and objectives.

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