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Free Initial Case Evaluation

Call 212-268-3580 or use the Online Contact Form on this page or email

Please contact our law firm with your immigration inquiry. There is no obligation incurred and there is no fee unless both parties (you and our law firm) agree to proceed—we are interested in hearing from you with your questions and comments.

All personal information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Why offer free case evaluation?

It allows prospective clients to learn about their immigration options and understand what legal services we can offer them. It also allows them to learn about our law firm and our legal fees free of charge and further obligations.

What does it include?

During the free online case evaluation we will provide you with a general overview of your immigration options. However, attorney ethical and professional duties and responsibilities preclude specific and tailored legal advice at this stage. Moreover, please be advised that the scope and depth of our free evaluation service is not unlimited--we receive a large volume of inquiries about immigration issues and cannot guarantee a free evaluation in all circumstances. If your case requires legal research or an in-depth analysis or collection/review of your documents, you may be requested to schedule a paid immigration consultation.

Initiating a free case evaluation--information strictly confidential

Please use the online contact form on this page, or send an email to We cannot objectively evaluate your case without some basic information regarding your circumstances. Please include:

  • your name and phone/email
  • your current immigration status and expiration date;
  • how you believe you qualify for any immigration benefit or category;
  • whether an employer or family member is ready to sponsor, or you are the prospective employer or family member of a foreign national;
  • your immigration question(s) and objectives.

Please do not attach any documents to your email unless specifically requested.

Paid Legal Consultation--deducted from legal fee if our law firm is retained for case

If we determine that a free case evaluation is not applicable, we will email you our flat rate legal consultation options via telephone or in-person at our office in midtown Manhattan. The legal consultation fee for an appointment with Attorney Arora:

  • $250 for a thirty minute telephone or in-person consultation (fifteen to twenty minutes if modest document review is involved) prior to the consultation; or
  • $125 for a fifteen minute mini-consultation by telephone or in-person

A paid legal consultation will go beyond mere eligibility for the filing of a application or petition, likelihood of success, and estimated costs and involve matters such as: legal strategy . the pros and cons of various alternatives . immigration benefits and obligations . a second opinion, etc.

If document review is involved, please inquire about a customized legal fee quote.

If you choose to retain us for the case discussed within 30 days of your consultation, the full amount of one mini-consultation fee will be credited to the final installment of legal fees amounting to $1500+ for any immigration matter.

Looking forward to communicating with you. We endeavor to reply to all legitimate immigration questions even if they do not meet our preferred criteria for a free immigration evaluation:

  • You are a U.S. Employer or an employee with a job offer from a U.S. employer; or
  • You want to sponsor a foreign national for a Marriage/Family based Visa or Green Card and s/he does not have any arrests, unlawful entry/overstay or other complications, or the family member will change to dependent visa status such as H-4 or L-2 within the U.S.; or
  • You control and sign an Application such as naturalization, employment authorization, re-entry permit, renewal of green card, etc.


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